Corporate Users

Primarily we act in

  • food preservation

  • food recycling

  • dehydrated food

a Knowledge Base IP share house and Global Commodity Broker.

For companies wishing to achieve 'closed-loop' status with their food products, we offer a phased integration process, including consultations and facilitation for supply of novel equipment and global sale of end product as a commodity.

  • Consultation, Opportunity-Evaluations

  • Consultation, Systems Integration

  • Arrange supply of Dehydration and Milling Equipment

  • Arrange supply of PS Coating

  • Arrange sale of Powder Commodity​

From There to Here

The technologies we present are based on many years and millions of dollars of prior R&D.

​To date, over 150 food products and food by-products have been tested and verified – some we have intensive scientfic reports, others we have production reports.​


Seeking chefs to test with - let us know if you are an experienced chef and would like to sample some Peel to explore increasing nutrition in your excellent meals.

First Pilot Plant

We have just established our first operating partners with a citrus plant in Mexico. This means we already have available  - A delicious and nutritious 100% Non-GMO Orange Peel Powder. No other orange peel powder made by conventional dehydration has the same nutritional value as this.

Process Introduction Video

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