Global Interest

One of our primary concerns is for the growth in extreme malnutrition and starvation occuring around the world.

We work to be a positive influence towards reduction of food waste and increase of high nutritional supplements which can be used to fortify meal products for areas short on food due to natural disasters of drought and flood.

A good start to assuring a healthy population is to start to use 100% of what we grow in the forst world countries.  Often times we throw away the best parts of our foods. Now we can take that and turn it into valuable supplements.


By adding powder mixes to existing staple foods, the nutritional boost and flavouring aspects are effective which means NewfoodZ becomes a real world contributor to sustainable best practice in closed-loop, food preservation.


The World is changing and we support the United Nations-Sustainability Development Goals, programs.

Our technology has several applications but primarily we have direct impact for achievment of Goal 12.

Also promoting the UN World Food Programme's "Share the meal" app. Just a small amount daily will feed a child.

We look forward to the day when this app is not needed.

World food Programm

Share the meal app