Next Steps

We are in R&D with Apple suppliers in UK and Canada to enact verification programs for the saving of Apple pomace and bringing it into the human food chain as a high nutritional value, food supplement. Initial tests have shown great results.

USA FISH  Verification Program

We have several plans for the future.


1. By-products from the seafood industry, initially focused on wild salmon and shrimp. 

We are working closely with native tribes corporations in Alaska to implement a verification program and then to launch a pilot plant, which will deliver another amazingly nutritious powder as ingredient and or flavour. 

The plant will also be used as an impressive showcase to change attitudes among all food processors.

Alaska, Fish, Crowdfunding

60 Second CROWD Introduction Video

The "Alaska Salmon Recovery Project" will be our first aquaculture venture. Based on our initial success with citrus peel, it will allow us to focus on the millions of tons of highly nutritious salmon “leftovers” associated with the Alaska fishing industry.


The plan is to establish the facility location in association with Native Tribe corporation(s), beginning with a small scale operation and then growing into a full scale operation. As we grow and the local populace becomes trained, we will transfer the operation to complete local ownership. During that period, we will invite food manufacturers and NGOs from around the world to review our operation. Our intention is to secure their support to roll out the process in multiple locations worldwide.

Alaska Project Introduction Video