Over 50 other foods have been tested to date. 

We address protein and mineral retention in our processes whilst delivering ideal organoleptic flavour.

Not limited to just powders the system is able to provide materials suitable for cold pressing and rehydration.

​The foods we understand and can enact verification programs for are:

  • Fish Fillet, By-product – superior protein source

  • Apple Pomace – the saying is true: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

  • Sweet Potato – both the too small and the too big look the same as powder.

  • Carrots - Retain crunchy effect when rehydrated.

  • Tomato Pulp – can replace thickeners in tomato ketchup. Sounds like a natural combo.

  • Grapes – grape seeds, absolutely too valuable to go to waste.

  • Banana Peel – an actual sweet treat, packing a serious nutritional punch.

Shrimp Shell, like crab it has superlative amounts of nutrition.

Crab shell an amazing source of quality calcium.

Sweet Potato, one of our favourites.

Sweet Potato Powder

Avocado, Imagine dehydrated guacamole.

Apple Pomace, another super food.

Shell Fish - There are many hidden benefits inside these creatures of which we only eat  the meat. Until now the ability to  extract the valuable minerals locked inside the  shells of  Shrimp and  Crab  was not realistically achievable.

We believe we can enact a program for this based on  some initial R&D provided positive results.

NOPAL CACTUS High Fibre Low Fat Supplement