Recipes for Orange Peel Powder

We have tested in so many different ways and we thought we may share a couple of ideas. To start here are a couple of recipes Christian cooked up at home.

Baked Meatball Citrus Surprise Copyright 2016 NewfoodZ

1. Main -
12x Meatball/Vegeballs
1x Onion - sliced halves
7-10x Small mushrooms - thick slices
1x Can Plum tomatoes - quartered
1 cup of Bolognese sauce (chilled)
250G Buffalo Mozzarella - sliced

2. Mash Side - (Make First)
6-8 Cyprus Potatoes-Peeled

Boil with one clove of garlic quatered

When mashing add 1/2 of butter in small cubes and add dried basil and dash of pepper, mix in rest of butter

Spice - 
2-3 teaspoon 10-15g - Orange Peel Powder
Salt sprinkles
Pepper dash
2-3 teaspoon Dried Basil

5 tablespoon Olive Oil,

200g Butter

3. Topping -
Crispy Peels ( recipe below)

Heat Olive Oil to Hot.

Fry Meatball/Vegeball, once sizzling, sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon citrus powder, more sizzling.

Add onion slices.


Reduce heat, fry gently to brown meatball/vegeball. sprinkle of Black pepper

Drain meatball and Onions, sprinkle 1/2-1 teaspoon orange peel over while hot.

Baked Meatball Citrus Surprise


If you have a recipe you have discovered that you love please let us know we will test it and if it it is good we will include it here and send you some Free powder.

Spread 2 tbsp Plum tomato Juice to bottom of baking dish to create coating.


Mix in 1/2 teaspoon citrus powder.
Lay mushrooms down as a layer.


VOILA! a beautiful colourful and fabulous new tasty appetizer or meal!!!!!!!

Place meatballs on top of mushrooms and drape onions over.

Place 1/4's of plum tomato in gaps between meatballs and around edge.

Pour over 1/2 of bolognese sauce.

Sprinkle full teaspoon evenly over top.
Top off with Bolognese sauce.

Bake for 15-20 minutes at 150-160.


Lay sliced Buffalo Mozzarella on top.
Bake a further 20-30 minutes.

Make rosette of mashed potato

Sprinkle crispy peel on top

Place meatball in middle 

Drape some cheese and sauce, mushroom, onion.

Serving Suggestion

Take potato peels from your mash, wash well (several rinses), to remove all starch. Dry thoroughly.

Deep fry for 2-3 min, drain, add sprinkling of your favourite spice.

Serve yummy crispy peels!

Potato Salad

This is a tasy simple way to use orange peel powder.

Make your normal potato salad  or buy a store made one. Add a teaspoon of powder for  serving 6 people. It turns a lovley colour and also becomes zesty!



Using tomato juice from plum tomatoes. make a nice italian sauce.


Tomato Citrus Sauce

Add  Olive oil to a frying pan, add finely chopped Garlic, sprinkle a litle  peelpowder into oil ( it will sizzle up)! Add tomato juice reduce heat. Add  a teaspoon or more of Orange peel powder. 

Cook down tomato juice add Basil and Oregano, cook for at least  30 minutes reducing to a  medium thickness. Cool sauce


Buy a  quality store bought frozen pizza. Take several tablespoons of sauce and spread over top.

Add your own fresh toppings. Sprinkle some more tomato citrus sauce.

Add some more cheese and then mor tomato citrus sauce and sprinkle powder directly over top.

Cook to like.

Voila! Another uniquely tasting dish with great colour and natural added nutrition


Strawberry, Banana, Citrus Peel Chocolate Coconut Milk.

Strawberry, Banana, Citrus Peel Pineapple Juice.

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