The foundation of our technology relies upon the study of chemistry and physics as we glean knowledge from nature itself. We have simply sought to mechanize and

reproduce a natural, environmentally safe, earth friendly process, to achieve our results. 


Many engineers and doctors have worked with us and believe we have the potential to significantly address the massive world-wide, food-waste problem, thereby reducing the global hunger crisis.  

We plan to forge a full research and development (R&D) program in association with major universities around the world, including: the U.S., India, England Ireland, and Sweden where we have already begun building relationships that will allow us to effectively complete our mission.

The  3 steps of our solution

Technical Process Overview Video



Our process relies on our proprietary technology, combined with our unique interaction of relative humidity, temperature and air flow.


This means we are able to preserve the highest possible levels of vitamins and minerals. Conventional gas and electric heat drying methods result in cellular damage and “burn off” of valuable vitamins and minerals.


Our system has many benefits, including that the dehydration process could be powered by solar or wind energy systems.


Systems start at a very low cost, which means they can be easily used by both smaller agricultural producers and large industrial food and beverage producers.


The NewfoodZ process is unique in the fact that it allows for capture of the water being dehydrated from foods. This water can be contained and distributed for drinking water.

Also we use Electrolyzed water solutions for sterilisation. and  cleaning.